M3 Buoy

Station 62092 M3 Buoy – 51° 13′ 0 N 10° 33′ 0 W

Conditions As Of: 14:00 on 2 Nov
Wind Direction: N (n/aº)
Wind Speed: n/a kts
Wave Height: n/a M
Swell Period: n/a sec.
Air Temperature: n/a º C
Air Pressure: n/a hPa
Water Temperature: n/a º C
Dew Point: n/a º C
Humidity: n/a %

n/a means that no data has been received from the buoy in the last 24hrs

This particular buoy was damaged in a storm on 20th Feb 2013
when waves in excess of 19m were recorded.

Buoy data from http://www.met.ie

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