Three live streaming web cams of the harbour coming soon to the site.
We are just coding the pages and doing a little checking and they should be up and running in the very near future.

Seems the 24 hour graphs were stuck on 27/12/16.
All sorted now.

And a happy new year to you all from,

The DLH Weather Team.

And now the data pages for each graph are back online again.
We hope you find them and the rest of the site useful.
Thanks for your patience whilst we got the site running again.

The DLH Weather Team

Update – The final two 6 and 24 graphs are back on line again:
Temperature and
Tide & Wave, however…

6 and 24 hour Humidity and Rain graphs back online again.

… followed closely behind by the 6hr Air Pressure Graph.

The 6 hour wind graph looks to be running fine again so I’ve turned it live. A fair bit of rehashing was needed, but looks like we’ve got it.
Next …

The DLH Weather Team

Next page up and running is “Current Details”.
Onto the 6 hour wind graphs next.

The DLH Weather Team

We have the data arriving again.
And now we have the first page for you.
Home page up and running with random current details displayed.

We’re on our way.

The DLH Weather Team



Stena are currently removing all their land infrastructure, which includes the gangways on which the our weather ​stations are located.
As a consequence, the power to the stations was cut off at 08:11 hours this morning!
We are going to re-locate the instruments but may take some time. So, unfortunately, the weather feed will be suspended for a while.
We apologize for any inconvenience and will let you all know of any updates and we hope that normal service will be resumed shortly. Please keep an eye on the news feed as I will post updates there.